Martin Cohen has a special knack for capturing in women their essence of feminine gesture and attitude in a genuine and authentic way that both men and women can identify with and access. Celebrities, models and musicians he admires are given the star treatment – caught in a photo shoot or stage show, they preen and swagger with their showmanship. 

Martin’s women appear in his Rock & Roll images, works on paper, and are also rendered in studio work, including sketches, paintingsworks on paper, and collages

Martin’s stars are as confident and powerful as any of their male counterparts. He prefers to create these in binges of creativity. Martin’s favorite subjects include Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, Sheryl Crow, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna and Lady Gaga, for whom individual pages have been created.

Some of the images bring to mind de Kooning’s Women Series, however, Marty seldom distorts women’s images the way de Kooning did. Like de Kooning, Marty easily moves between the figurative and abstract, and has a penchants for combining them in the same way as de Kooning. Martin’s geometric and layered abstract backgrounds are elemental to much of his portfolio. 

Marty Cohen
Lady GaGa Montage, 2019 (all figurative works oil on paper, 24 x 18)
Marty Cohen
Marty Cohen


original works are available for purchase, as are prints on paper

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