my collection of paintings, collages, drawings, & mixed media

  • industrial grade abstract expressionism 
  • classical modern juxtapositions
  • contemporary renaissance equations
  • beautiful and empowered women 
  • brilliant ablutions and compromising in flagrante 
  • celebrity skins: the Beautiful Ones 
  • the Golden Age of Rock & Roll
  • vice & virtue: political administrations in denial
  • sketchbooks – bits from ‘out-there’ 
  • horror, defrockings, obscenities, blasphemies



- Marty Cohen, the artist

Marty Cohen is a NYC based mixed-media painter and illustrator. His work explores the intersection of abstract expressionism with realism, and the classicism of the Renaissance with modernism. Always in conflict, each respective form battles for attention.


A prolific painter and illustrator, Marty maintains a vast portfolio of his works in collections of paintings, and mixed-media, from sketchbook to large -format.

Marty has completed a significant number of series, including his epic political satire collages, celebrity and musical artist portraits, and his stunning Doors of Expression collection – a series of painting and mixed media over recycled wood French doors.


Marty was awarded his BFA from SUNY Purchase, in 1982, and moved on to graduate study at the Studio School of Drawing Painting & Sculpture, in New York City. He earned his MFA under the tutelage of Sam Gilliam, at Carnegie Mellon


one man and group shows

my work has been featured in many solo shows, dozens of group exhibitions, and in a variety of galleries and locations. I post my latest work as well as archival images on my Instagram account

Marty Cohen

New York / USA – 1997 – 2010

New York / USA – 1997 – 2010

Corporate Patrons

Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
Citigroup (Citi)
Eli Lilly and Company
Bill Kurtis Productions
Richard Chamberlain Communications Group, Inc.
Dario Gristina, Genergy Electric
Lisa Markowitz, Sony Productions

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Frank & Gayle Zappa Family Collection
Sheryl Crow
Iman and David Bowie
Lynn and Nick Nicholas
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Alexandra A. Herzan
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Michael Katz
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Josh & Jessica Peskay
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