Martin’s Works on Paper feature a collection drawing from four-decades work in pen and pencil, ink, charcoal, or mixed media. Pools of textured and vibrating color sequences intermingle with compound geometric shapes that are surreal and disorienting. 

Some pieces evoke the early work of post-war pioneering abstract expressionist Robert Rauschenberg, where others bring to mind Picasso’s Cubist synthetic compositions, or the idiosyncratic Francis Bacon. Others hearken back to the classical sensibilities of the Renaissance and Old Masters traditional forms of representation that share the page with abstracted and synthesized form-works.

Martin has a penchant for structure amid the chaos, and uses architectural frameworks to establish a delicate if not tenuous order of balance and counterbalance. 

His works on paper will also include his flamboyant Rock & Roll Star series – dozens of artists from the Golden Age of Rock & Roll to electronica are depicted. Finally, works on paper include many books of mixed-media collages

Over the years, Martin has shown select images and series from his drawing collection, these but a fraction of mountains of completed sketches and renderings that are yet to be published. Nevertheless; a visit to his studio will provide an opportunity to view and purchase these works.

Marty Cohen


original works are available for purchase, as are prints on paper

contact me with item of interest and I will respond with pricing and availability

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