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Martin Cohen’s drawing portfolio is vastly represented in his collection of drawings and sketches, in pen  and ink, pencil, magic marker, and pastels, of which number in the thousands. These drawings reflect both his figurative and abstract talents and influences that he later developed into collages, paintings and mixed media. His sketches are reminiscent of the classical style embraced by northern European Renaissance artists. They can be stoical and ordered, or abundantly molecular with highly compressed and layered treatments of form, line, and shadow.

From an early age, Martin was a constant and prolific sketcher – able to render from still-life and modeling. His studio apartment is crammed with piles of drawing portfolios, as well of stacks of completed sketch books of every size. It’s hard to move around for fear of upsetting one of these towers of pages.

Martin’s early sketchbooks are crammed with compact drawings of abstract forms laboriously and minutely detailed with religious attention. Many of these likely were created to fill free-time between class or even during class. The sheer compression of images is dizzying, beckoning the viewer to focus deeper into the complex sequences of dreamlike figures, images, and even thoughts.

His sketches and drawings – figurative and abstract – are often found tucked in to raucous collages or explosions of color. in his works on paper and mixed media – sequences that reveal his Rauschenberg influences. The shear volume of work can be overwhelming to look at, and much of it has not been photographed, however, plans to publish images from select sketchbooks and portfolios are in the works as a long term endeavor.

Martin utilizes pastels and magic marker with equal abandon, and often blends and overlays these ingredients into his mixed-media work. 

Marty Cohen


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