Marty Cohen Rock & Roll Works on Paper include a catalogue of  celebrity renderings in oils and pastels: – some of his favorite musical artists, as well as some he is more ambiguous toward. The portraits glow with a phosphorous radiance and energy. Many of the same faces reappear in his striking collages. His celbrity art collection reflects an intimacy with musical periods from 1960’s to present day. The geometric and structural backgrounds of his abstract work provide a background on which to superimpose his portraits. 

Most the images of earlier artists were inspired by vintage Circus and Creem Magazine, which were legendary rock and roll publications of the 1970’s that Martin over-painted in his teens. Many of these images were memorialized on the back custom denim jackets commissioned by dozens of High School friends and fans.

It was huge ‘props’ to be sporting one of Martin’s jackets or shirts. I remember wearing a ripped ‘Yessongs’ tee-shirt for my graduation picture. For Martin, making art and enjoying music were intrinsically connected, in fact, it’s almost unnatural for him to work without music in the background. 

For that reason, playlists featuring musicians are embedded at the bottom of several of the Rock & Roll portfolio images. Hearing this music one might better identify with his creative impulse.

Martin was an avid concert goer, enjoying many legendary shows with his friends: Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Grateful Dead, and every Halloween – Frank Zappa. Marty captures the pulsating energy of the live show performances he saw with vivid colors and gestures that impart the essential individual expression of each artist.

Martin created multiple works – and occasionally dozens – of his favorite artists, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, The Beatles, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, among others.

Select rock & roll mages include musicians , Elton John, Tina Turner, Jimi Hendrix, Sheryl Crow, The Rolling Stones, Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, Roger Waters, B. B. King, Neil Young, and Carlos Santana.

Marty Cohen
Marty Cohen
Marty Cohen


original works are available for purchase, as well as prints on paper

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