Marty’s  abstract expressionist paintings evoke his deep Modernist roots. His collection spans four-decades of creations utilizing endless form and compositions in a variety of mediums: oils, pastels, acrylic, house-paint, magazine clippings – whatever suited the moment or what was on hand.

His large scale works send a severe and urgent message in their bold contrasting colors, and rich and varied textural treatments, with transitions inspired by the surrealist and abstract expressionist paintings of artists including Barnett Newman, Salvador Dali, Robert Rauschenburg, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock.

It can be said that some of his work exhibits a synthesis of multiple influences – from the general – abstract expressionist, classical, modernist, that are thematically referential – e.g. the seven deadly sins, as they are stylistically similar.

Interwoven, between, overlain, or beneath, classically rendered figurative images stalk and haunt the avenues of imagination, as they come and go like spirits or shades of a psychedelic and imposingly colorful underworld. 

Between fractured, jagged shards of color, diaphanous blurs of color spray across and blur subsurface – luminous, eerie, and intriguing. 

Marty Cohen
Doors of New York, mixed media, 80" x 36", $5,000 each


original works are available for purchase, as are prints on paper

contact me with item of interest and I will respond with pricing and availability

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